CBWHWTC Regional Specialty and Cherry Blossom Cluster 2018

The Chesapeake Bay WHWTC hopes you will join us on your way home from the Roving Specialty in Atlanta.  Our 2018 Specialty is the FRIDAY after the Roving and an opportunity to get 3 more Majors, Plus 2 more sweepstakes over this weekend.  Our Sweepstakes judges both have had much hands on experience with Westies & Westie Puppies. and our regular class judges are basically an unknown factor, so this should be very interesting!!

APRIL 19-21 2018

Friday Sweeps:  Allison Platt (Kirkton)  Allison is a breeder, exhibitor in conformation and performance. She has had numerous Champions, Specialty winners and is a past President of the WHWTCA    \

Friday Specialty, Regular Classes: Clifford Shultz. He is an up and coming terrier judge and a Scottie breeder .


Saturday Sweeps:  Chris Steele (Cliff is his brother) Is second generation dog man, his father was a professional handler (primarily boxers I think).  Chris showed Westies professionally  In the 1980s & 1990s very successfully.  He not only finished numerous Westies for his clients, but also won  many Specialties and Groups with his charges.  Under his Whiterose prefix he bred some Westie litters of his own.  Chris left the Handling profession in order to spend more time with his young family.  He now is planning on applying  to the  AKC to  become a judge and this sweeps will be his first step toward that goal.


Saturday Regular classes:  Elizabeth Muthard  She is an All Breeds judge, but has not judges Westies recently.


Sunday:  The judge is Tod Clyde, who was brought up with Westies among the other numerous Terrier Breeds his father Bob Clyde showed.  Many Westies were groomed and boarded at his family’s kennel and Tod along with his brothers were the kennel help.


Thursday is set-up day with an All Terrier Match in the evening.  The judge is Beth Wilder Wilson


If anyone needs crates, tables, X-pens etc.  Contact Fred Askin (410)435-7804  E-mail: faskin@jhmi.edu or Helene Weiss (410)969-7094  E-mail weistie@aol.com


We will again be having our FABULOUS LUNCH and our after judging Wine and Cheese Party

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